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Infiniti Repair and Service in Chico, CA

Chico Car Care is here to let you know that you don’t have to leave Chico to get great Infiniti repair work done. We know that these high class luxury automobiles require a certain level of service and we’re ready to provide it. We’ve built up our name over the years in the luxury automobile repair community, and we were quick to jump onboard with the new Infiniti models as soon as we started seeing them around Chico.

Chico Car Care has been investing in state of the art computer diagnostic equipment for many years now. This investment has paid off well when it comes to Infiniti repair work. These advanced cars require a computer hook up as they have a number of sophisticated onboard computers that tell the car how to work, and tell us what may be wrong. What’s even better is we may be able to use this equipment to identify problems before they happen, imagine never having a break down and being stranded on the streets of Chico waiting for a tow truck again!

Our technicians are so well trained in the use of this advanced equipment that they are one part computer nerd to one part mechanic. This is what you need from the technicians at a quality Infiniti repair shop and we have certainly hired a team at Chico Car Care that are just that. They’re as at ease behind the controls of the computer equipment needed to diagnose problems as they are with a socket wrench in their hands - call us up today to see them at work on your Infiniti repair job at our Chico shop!

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