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Mazda Repair and Service in Chico, CA

Chico Car Care is a complete Mazda auto repair shop, and one of the most trusted car repair shops in Chico. Our staff start working hard for you the moment you call us up to book your appointment, and continue working hard until you have your Mazda repair work done to your satisfaction. We don’t rest until you’re back on the road, and back to your usual daily life.

The days where anyone could crack open the hood of a car and do quality repair work with the right wrenches are gone. Nowadays you require the latest computer diagnostic equipment. Chico Car Care has been investing in this technology for years and it has paid off as we provide high quality Mazda repair work thanks to our insistence on using this equipment to it’s fullest potential.

What can the equipment at Chico Car Care do for you? It can help find potential problems so that we can fix them before they become a problem. This will minimize your down time over the long haul as you will be able to come see us less frequently, while also saving you money. One of the biggest expenditures you can make is after a major system fails. Avoid that with the little repairs our equipment can find out for you now, and you won’t be another broken down car on the streets of Chico waiting for a tow truck.

Now is the time to start your Mazda repair work by calling up our support staff. They are the first step here at Chico Car Care and know how important it is to start off right with all our Mazda repair customers in Chico.

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