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Chico 90K Service

Chico Car Care is sure that you’ve heard many times that the 90K service is one of the most important your car will undergo. We want to remind everyone in Chico that this is indeed true. We’re prepared to handle the 90K service of many of the most common cars driving our streets today: BMW, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Jeep and many more than that. Our certified technicians have handled the 90K service for nearly every car manufacturer, they’re ready to handle yours next!

Why is the 90K service so important? For one, your car is getting older and systems will have taken some inevitable wear and tear. 90,000 miles is a long way to go, you can’t expect your car to not show it a little. To combat this wear and tear you’ll need to have someone look at many of your most important car systems, this will usually include:

- Belts, hoses and lines

- Brake, transmission and oil changes

- Brake pad replacement

- The wheel, tire and steering system

At least a look over is required in almost all cases, some will require partial replacement and repair, a few will need a complete replacement. Chico Car Care is ready to accurately assess what your car needs and fulfill the requirements of your 90K service as set out by your manufacturer. Whether you need many repairs, or just a few, call our support staff in Chico today. They’ll help you find the right time to bring your car in for it’s 90K service.

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