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Chico 30K Service

A car that has been coming into Chico Car Care for the first 30,000 miles of it’s life is a car that is in great shape. We’ve been trusted to keep many of the cars you see in Chico on the road and will continue to do so for your car with a 30K service. Stop and go traffic, bad weather, hot weather and the wear and tear of 30,000 miles makes a 30K service essential in the ongoing battle to keep your car in as good of condition as when you drove it off the lot.

How long your car will last is largely up to you. Bringing your car to Chico Car Care for all of it’s service needs is what you must do to keep it lasting for many years, this is very true of the 30K service. A great technician will have the training and experience on your car that makes it certain your 30K service will be the right one. This is vital as Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Jeep and every other car has it’s own requirements.

You may be curious as to what your car will need. It will depend on what car you own, but the basic 30K services include:

- Draining and flushing the transmission. Replacing the filter, checking for leaks and then refilling the transmission oil fluids.

- Giving the cooling system a draining and flushing that cleans out your system before the fluids are replaced with the correct mixture of water and coolant.

- Your car will likely get an emissions test, computer diagnostic test, spark plug replacement and wiring check.

Chico Car Care will also possibly have to inspect the steering, suspension, tires, wheels, filters, brakes and all fluids. You won’t know exactly what your car needs until you bring it to our shop in Chico. Book your 30K service with us today!

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