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What is that pink fluid leaking from under my car?

What is that pink fluid under my car?

At some point you may look under your car and wonder, What is that pink fluid leaking under my car?.

There are only a few fluids that are pink and only in some cars like a Toyota or Lexus as well as other makes and models.

Sources of Pink Fluids that may leak under your car:

1. Automatic Transmission Fluid

2. Power Steering Fluid

    3. Engine Coolant or Inverter Coolant in Hybrid Vehicles such as a Toyota Prius or Lexus CT200h

      Areas these pink fluids might leak from:

      1. The automatic transmission which in a Toyota or Lexus is on the Driver’s side of the car

        2. The power steering system which is usually on the Passenger’s side of the car

          3. Radiator located behind the front bumper

            4. Water Pump which is usually on the passenger side of most cars

              5. Inverter or Inverter Cooling System, usually on the Driver’s side of a Hybrid vehicle. Cars like a Lexus RX400h or Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

                How do you identify which fluid is on the ground under your car?

                1. Coolant is a thin watery fluid which will evaporate slowly. Coolant colors vary by Make and Model of vehicle. Toyota, Scion, and Lexus all have Pink Coolant and in models older than 2004 have Red Coolant. Colors in other cars can vary from Yellow to Orange to Blue.

                  2. Automatic Transmission Fluid is a thicker oily fluid which will not evaporate.

                    3. Power Steering fluid is very much the same as Transmission Fluid. Power Steering Fluids can beClear to Blue in varying colors.

                      What should you do if you find a Pink Fluid Leaking Under Your Car?

                      It is best to find a competent repair shop that specializes in your type of car. CHICO CAR CARE, Independent Toyota Lexus Specialist specializes in Toyota and Lexus service. .

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